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Children's Hospital Scout Group

posted 6 Apr 2020, 09:47 by Stephanie Gale
Children's Hospital Scout Group: knit a teddy
Jamie Billington shared a post.

If we have any knitters, or if anyone fancies using this time to learn how to knit, this is a fairly straight forward project (I think, but haven't attempted it yet) and a lovely thing to do for the Children's Hospital.

I'm going to knit one up this evening, I'll let you know how it goes!

Hilary Clayton

Can any knitters help me .
I am looking for knitters who can knit teddies for the children’s hospital scout group. They give a teddy to each new member of the 1st Sheffield scout group. Sadly there are many new members.

The 1st Sheffield are a group lead by volunteers who provide scout activities to children in hospital. They provide fun and support to children both long term and short term stay in hospital.

If you can help please send a PM to me and I can arrange to have wool delivered to you or if you can knit now I’ll replace your wool stock later , after Coronavirus.

Thank you . Pattern should be in the photo. Please ask if I’ve missed anything.