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OSM Virtual Beaver meetings

posted 6 Apr 2020, 09:49 by Stephanie Gale
Monday 6th April:

Hi all, hope you're keeping well!

I've been playing around on OSM again, they've introduced a new feature that allows us to hold a kind of remote, virtual meeting through OSM. If you log in and head to the program you'll now see a big blue button to 'Participate at Home', so as I fill out an online program each week you'll be able to complete the activities & upload proof in the form of photos and documents if necessary. There's also a group chat feature so you can all stay 

in touch and share your thoughts and activities with each other.

It is brand new though, so will need a bit of experimentation to see what we can do with it & ultimately if it's something you all want me to do going forwards throughout the lock down.

If this is something you think you're be interested in could you please reply to this email so I know I'm not just talking to myself, and then you can head over to OSM to have a look for yourself.

I'm going to start the virtual meetings this week, so our first night will be normal time tomorrow. I'll be logged in on the group chat from around half 5 to talk you though everything. I'm fairly sure you can see and complete the activities in advance should you want to, but I think we'll all get more out of it doing it at the same time.

I plan on using this feature alongside the Facebook group if it works.

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