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Virtual meeting on OSM currently taking place

posted 7 Apr 2020, 10:04 by Stephanie Gale   [ updated 7 Apr 2020, 10:08 ]
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Hi all!
This is a brand new feature on OSM so tonight is more of a trial to find out how it works and see if its something we want to make use of going forward.
You should have the option to upload photos/documents of what you've done, there should also be a group chat function for you all to talk to each other on.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt,
We're going to keep it simple though, find an item in your house that begins with each letter of the alphabet.
How many letters can you find?
Can you find items that are unique with nobody else in the colony using that item?
I've created a basic Google Form for you to record the items you've found - Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
Giraffe Challenge,
Just a bit of a fun activity to test out the new Scouting at Home functionality!
Lets see who can build the tallest giraffe (or other large animal), bonus points for the most realistic looking!