Badge of the week number 8: Hobbies

posted 18 May 2020, 03:40 by Stephanie Gale

Badge of the week May 11th: DIY

posted 18 May 2020, 03:38 by Stephanie Gale

Badge of the week number 7: DIY

It's a good opportunity to make yourself useful around the house!

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Badge of the week May 4th: photographer

posted 4 May 2020, 06:44 by Stephanie Gale


Stop Motion is a great app for this if you want to do something a little different

Camp challenge activity: build a sundial

posted 3 May 2020, 05:35 by Stephanie Gale

ACTIVITY 2: Making a Sundial

You will need:
-A stick (about 20cm is best, but any size will work)
-Approx 12 small things you can use as markers (stones, bits of paper, siblings fingers (the latter is not recommended))

-Find a sunny place, somewhere you think stays sunny all day and somewhere that isn’t in the way of people. You can always set up in more than one place to work out where is best.
-Place your stick into the ground so it stands upright (if you can’t stick it into the ground put it in a bucket of stones/sand or use your creativity to make it stand up- but it needs to stay still)
-Point the stick slightly towards north
Ideally on the hour, place a stone where the shadow falls
-Come back every hour and place a stone where the shadow falls while the sun is still up (continue tomorrow if you got up a bit late and there’s not much sunlight left)
-Optional- decorate the stones with the times it refers to, so you can remember

Congratulations you can now tell the time from the sun and the earth

Camp challenge activity: build a compass

posted 3 May 2020, 05:34 by Stephanie Gale

Morning All! My activities this morning are very 'Back to Basics'. And require only a handful of natural things, the sun and the earth.
ACTIVITY 1: Making a compass

You will need:
-Metal needle/nail
-Something small that floats (piece of cork, leaf..)
-Bowl of water

-Rub the needle on the magnet going in the same direction each time, after about 30-40 strokes it should be magnetised
-Place the needle in or on the floaty thing
-Place in the bowl of water, the needle will align north to south. Use the clues around you to work out which is north and which is south. Find out what happens when you bring the magnet towards and away from the compass.

Camp challenge activity: build a mini zip line

posted 3 May 2020, 05:33 by Stephanie Gale

Morning campers! I hope you slept well. The weather has been kind, at least. If you haven't had a go at yesterday's challenges please do so today.

Here is a new challenge - on May camps we often have some sort of obstacle course but that may not be safe in your setting. So how about an idea from the OAC - a mini zipline!

You will need a medium sized toy like a teddy or action man, some kind of string without knots (like a washing line or long cable) and somewhere high to fix it (such as the top of the stairs, or out of a window). Fix your figure's hand to the line so it can slide (for example, if you have a cotton reel, put a string through the hole, tie to each hand so the cotton reel can roll along the zio line.

Don't forget to film or photograph your zip line in action!

You could always add more parts to the obstacle course - such as a parachute jump, slide or trampoline bounce.

Good luck!

Camp challenge activity: Camouflage

posted 2 May 2020, 06:54 by Stephanie Gale

How did you get on with the catapult challenge? Keep going with that one. New challenge for the afternoon here: it's a camouflage challenge. Get someone to take a picture of you hidden somehow - at least part of you or your clothing must be visible. You are allowed to use virtual backgrounds and so on. Post this picture on here. Then keep another picture in reserve showing you emerging from your hiding place. 
Here's a famous example done by Noel Fielding on Taskmaster...

Camp Challenge Activity: make a woggle catapult!

posted 2 May 2020, 03:41 by Steph Gale   [ updated 2 May 2020, 03:45 ]

Make it from 6 sticks, a spoon and some elastic bands. How far can it propel a woggle? Don't forget to email a picture or video!
Next challenge at 2pm on facebook. Will post here as soon as I see it (Steph)

Another zoom meeting scheduled for this evening: campfire. 7.15pm. Get in touch with Chris if you need the link

May Camp

posted 30 Apr 2020, 11:08 by Stephanie Gale   [ updated 2 May 2020, 09:00 ]

This Friday sees the start of our second virtual camp. Alex the Cub Leader and I are going to take a lead with some of the activities - cooking and pioneering models - but I'm interested in what the Scouts themselves say. Traditionally, the older Scouts have had a big say in running May Camp. We are also going to invite some of the Cubs to join and get a taster of virtual camping Scout style.
So I will be emailing out details of a zoom meeting to be held at Scout time (7:15 on Friday) for approx. 30 minutes. The main purpose of the meeting will be to gather ideas for the camp and, hopefully, for people to offer to run activities.
Don't worry if you are unable to join the zoom meeting - you can still join in with the activities, See "Events" on this page.
Ideas so far: cooking (like Cameron did for Easter Camp), pioneering (more of a model than a full size project like Steve did for the shelters), scavenger hunt, camouflage challenge...
Where to sleep - if you would like this camp to count towards your Nights Away, you will need to sleep somewhere other than your normal bed. So if you are lucky enough to have a garden you could sleep there in a tent or shelter, or you could make a shelter somewhere else in the house.


Thanks to everyone who came to the zoom meeting. For those who couldn't make it, here are the main points:

If you "camp" somewhere other than in your own bed you can qualify for a "night away".

Tomorrow morning I'll post a camp challenge activity for which you will need 6 sticks (pencil length or longer), 5 elastic bands, a spoon and a woggle.

Alex will set a cooking challenge in the late afternoon (I'll let her tell you about it herself).

At 7:15 there will be another meeting - but this time it will be more like a campfire, so please have jokes ready, plus any music you'd like to play for us or other items of entertainment. There will be a short quiz too. (Note: some people are a bit shy so it's OK to join in without using video).

May Day Trail

posted 30 Apr 2020, 11:05 by Stephanie Gale

To celebrate Mayday please have a go at this trail on Google Street View. 

I couldn’t find a maypole anywhere, but at least we have another famous Pole in Hallam District – Stanage Pole to be precise, midway between Stanage Edge and Redmires Reservoirs. 

The Google Man is leaning against the pole waiting for us. 

Head North East to the end of the road by the reservoir (you can’t follow the track, you’ll have to jump!) 

Suddenly – No! Where did all the water go? Follow the road round, past the car park and all the way down the hill to the next junction, a little past the brook which you cross. 

Turn right by the bus stop and go uphill passing plastic- wrapped hay bales and some power lines. The road makes a ninety degree right turn. 

Overtake the learner driver, pass the cottage and carry on straight at the next turn by the horses. There is a tractor in the field to your right. To your left, you may be able to see a tower that once was part of a hospital. Carry on straight. At the next junction turn left (are those giant Lego bricks?) . 

Pass some cones near a double horse trough and continue through woodland 

Pass a red and a silver car on your left, then continue down the hill past a mayflower hedge and a copper beech tree. 

Overtake two chaps out for a walk and pass a collection of buildings roofed in local stone rather than slate. This was easier to source locally before railways brought slate in from North Wales. 

Just after the road turns to the left, take a hairpin right turn on to a road with a boy’s name. 

Pass a long farm building with an archway and continue down the road to an old school. 

Turn right by the post box and follow this narrow road uphill, past the chapel and the farm where there is a sharp left turn. 

Take the next left, across the brook, and up the other side. There are a few vapour trails in the sky – remember those? 

After meeting the Land Rover, turn left past the field of sheep and continue to the next junction. Go straight on, up to the junction on top of the hill. 

Turn right, and follow this narrow lane between two dry stone walls. At the top you will find two cyclists having a well earned break and looking across at the view. 

Turn South and pass the “bends” sign, cross the bridge by the blurry grit box, follow the road past the back of a “bends” sign and a car park. Continue along the road until you get to a grit box and a blue bin. Search the trees to your left carefully for the next ten metres or so and you should see an animal – which animal, and what is the connection to the month of May?

As usual, message me if you find the answer or get a bit lost. Answers after the weekend.

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