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Badge of the week 20/04: Chef

posted 20 Apr 2020, 03:03 by Stephanie Gale   [ updated 20 Apr 2020, 05:19 ]
Why not try the chef badge? You may well have done part of this badge before. 
Please see Badges on OSM – Complete at home option
You may wish to upload a video showing how to cook something - like Cameron did. 

Weekend menu

Plan a full balanced menu for a small group of Scouts for at least one weekend. 
Pre 2015: Discuss the choices made, assuming full kitchen facilities are available.
Post 2015: Include quantities and any dietary needs for the group

Shop and Transport
Discuss how and where to shop for food and how to transport it.


Show how to store food correctly and hygienically in ways that prevent food poisoning. Explain considerations based on camp vs indoor kitchens.


Cook one of the meals, including two courses - either on an open fire or in a kitchen

Clearing up
Demonstrate best ways to clear up including rubbish disposal