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Camp challenge activity: build a mini zip line

posted 3 May 2020, 05:33 by Stephanie Gale

Morning campers! I hope you slept well. The weather has been kind, at least. If you haven't had a go at yesterday's challenges please do so today.

Here is a new challenge - on May camps we often have some sort of obstacle course but that may not be safe in your setting. So how about an idea from the OAC - a mini zipline!

You will need a medium sized toy like a teddy or action man, some kind of string without knots (like a washing line or long cable) and somewhere high to fix it (such as the top of the stairs, or out of a window). Fix your figure's hand to the line so it can slide (for example, if you have a cotton reel, put a string through the hole, tie to each hand so the cotton reel can roll along the zio line.

Don't forget to film or photograph your zip line in action!

You could always add more parts to the obstacle course - such as a parachute jump, slide or trampoline bounce.

Good luck!