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Camp challenge activity: build a sundial

posted 3 May 2020, 05:35 by Stephanie Gale

ACTIVITY 2: Making a Sundial

You will need:
-A stick (about 20cm is best, but any size will work)
-Approx 12 small things you can use as markers (stones, bits of paper, siblings fingers (the latter is not recommended))

-Find a sunny place, somewhere you think stays sunny all day and somewhere that isn’t in the way of people. You can always set up in more than one place to work out where is best.
-Place your stick into the ground so it stands upright (if you can’t stick it into the ground put it in a bucket of stones/sand or use your creativity to make it stand up- but it needs to stay still)
-Point the stick slightly towards north
Ideally on the hour, place a stone where the shadow falls
-Come back every hour and place a stone where the shadow falls while the sun is still up (continue tomorrow if you got up a bit late and there’s not much sunlight left)
-Optional- decorate the stones with the times it refers to, so you can remember

Congratulations you can now tell the time from the sun and the earth