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Current Patrols

posted 6 Apr 2020, 10:03 by Stephanie Gale
Patrol makeup (names in bold are in this facebook group):
Stingrays: Hannah, Abi, Alex M, Ethan Cr, Ethan Ca, Ben C, William C and I think the famous Daniel W is in this patrol too (or may be in Stags)
Badgers: Ben B, Awesome Thomas P, Jack C, Angus L, Charlie R, Dougie,Michael G
Stags: Conrad, Harvey, Finn, Jack M, Jimmy D, Tom G, Tirso, Alex T
Birds (temporary patrol - will sub divide into Kiwis, Peewits and Ducks when enough people are able to join in): Jed, Felix T, Jim W, (Ruth W?) Michael L, Alex G, Felix H, Ella ,Lil, Jake L, Duncan, Robin, Seamus, Eze, Harry, Dodo.

Patrol points after 2 challenges:

Birds (Kiwis, Peewits and Ducks) 5

Stingrays 3

Badgers 2

Stags 1