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May Camp

posted 30 Apr 2020, 11:08 by Stephanie Gale   [ updated 2 May 2020, 09:00 ]
This Friday sees the start of our second virtual camp. Alex the Cub Leader and I are going to take a lead with some of the activities - cooking and pioneering models - but I'm interested in what the Scouts themselves say. Traditionally, the older Scouts have had a big say in running May Camp. We are also going to invite some of the Cubs to join and get a taster of virtual camping Scout style.
So I will be emailing out details of a zoom meeting to be held at Scout time (7:15 on Friday) for approx. 30 minutes. The main purpose of the meeting will be to gather ideas for the camp and, hopefully, for people to offer to run activities.
Don't worry if you are unable to join the zoom meeting - you can still join in with the activities, See "Events" on this page.
Ideas so far: cooking (like Cameron did for Easter Camp), pioneering (more of a model than a full size project like Steve did for the shelters), scavenger hunt, camouflage challenge...
Where to sleep - if you would like this camp to count towards your Nights Away, you will need to sleep somewhere other than your normal bed. So if you are lucky enough to have a garden you could sleep there in a tent or shelter, or you could make a shelter somewhere else in the house.


Thanks to everyone who came to the zoom meeting. For those who couldn't make it, here are the main points:

If you "camp" somewhere other than in your own bed you can qualify for a "night away".

Tomorrow morning I'll post a camp challenge activity for which you will need 6 sticks (pencil length or longer), 5 elastic bands, a spoon and a woggle.

Alex will set a cooking challenge in the late afternoon (I'll let her tell you about it herself).

At 7:15 there will be another meeting - but this time it will be more like a campfire, so please have jokes ready, plus any music you'd like to play for us or other items of entertainment. There will be a short quiz too. (Note: some people are a bit shy so it's OK to join in without using video).