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May Day Trail

posted 30 Apr 2020, 11:05 by Stephanie Gale

To celebrate Mayday please have a go at this trail on Google Street View. 

I couldn’t find a maypole anywhere, but at least we have another famous Pole in Hallam District – Stanage Pole to be precise, midway between Stanage Edge and Redmires Reservoirs. 

The Google Man is leaning against the pole waiting for us. 

Head North East to the end of the road by the reservoir (you can’t follow the track, you’ll have to jump!) 

Suddenly – No! Where did all the water go? Follow the road round, past the car park and all the way down the hill to the next junction, a little past the brook which you cross. 

Turn right by the bus stop and go uphill passing plastic- wrapped hay bales and some power lines. The road makes a ninety degree right turn. 

Overtake the learner driver, pass the cottage and carry on straight at the next turn by the horses. There is a tractor in the field to your right. To your left, you may be able to see a tower that once was part of a hospital. Carry on straight. At the next junction turn left (are those giant Lego bricks?) . 

Pass some cones near a double horse trough and continue through woodland 

Pass a red and a silver car on your left, then continue down the hill past a mayflower hedge and a copper beech tree. 

Overtake two chaps out for a walk and pass a collection of buildings roofed in local stone rather than slate. This was easier to source locally before railways brought slate in from North Wales. 

Just after the road turns to the left, take a hairpin right turn on to a road with a boy’s name. 

Pass a long farm building with an archway and continue down the road to an old school. 

Turn right by the post box and follow this narrow road uphill, past the chapel and the farm where there is a sharp left turn. 

Take the next left, across the brook, and up the other side. There are a few vapour trails in the sky – remember those? 

After meeting the Land Rover, turn left past the field of sheep and continue to the next junction. Go straight on, up to the junction on top of the hill. 

Turn right, and follow this narrow lane between two dry stone walls. At the top you will find two cyclists having a well earned break and looking across at the view. 

Turn South and pass the “bends” sign, cross the bridge by the blurry grit box, follow the road past the back of a “bends” sign and a car park. Continue along the road until you get to a grit box and a blue bin. Search the trees to your left carefully for the next ten metres or so and you should see an animal – which animal, and what is the connection to the month of May?

As usual, message me if you find the answer or get a bit lost. Answers after the weekend.