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May Patrol Challenge

posted 30 Apr 2020, 11:02 by Stephanie Gale
Patrol Challenge - a new month sees a new Patrol Challenge, so all points are reset to zero as we see if another patrol can better the Badgers this time around. 

The first challenge is to be an extra long one - so you will have from tomorrow until 9pm on Friday 8th May to complete it. You will need to complete any Scout badge test, have it verified by an adult at home, get them to log in to OSM and have it passed by a leader for one point. 

Two tests for two points, a maximum of three tests for three points (you can put more in, you just won't get any extra points). 

In recognition of already having done this, Thomas P and Conrad earn 3 points each but may still earn a further 3 points. Your time starts now!