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Patrol challenge: Hike to the Moon!

posted 23 Apr 2020, 02:25 by Stephanie Gale   [ updated 23 Apr 2020, 02:29 ]

This week's Patrol Challenge - help us hike to the moon! As part of the special Red Nose Day/ Children in Need appeal, Scouts from all over the UK are going to be walking at least a mile in order to attempt to reach a total of 240k miles, the distance to the moon (geeky science bit - this distance varies as the moon gets closer to, and further away from, the earth at regular intervals, which is how you get Super Moons). If you have your own facebook account (over 13s only) you will still need to get your adult to confirm that you took part.

1 point for 1 mile. 2 points for 2 miles. 3 points for 3 or more miles. You can still get points for this event right up to the end of the month. See other posts for more information about where to send any sponsor money you raise.

A mile is just over 1600 metres.
Don't forget to send us some pictures! So far I've heard of a Scout doing a mile backwards, and one at St. Tim's at Crookes walking a mile in a wetsuit! People have been measuring driveways and gardens o even indoor routes to work out how many laps they need to do.