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St George's Day

posted 20 Apr 2020, 08:08 by Stephanie Gale
Obviously our walk won't be taking place next Saturday. Here's a bit of Google street view fun for you. Message Chris for any extra clues and to let him know where you think the dragon is.

St. George and the dragon

Find the dragon!
A dragon has been spotted in Hallam District! It has been casting spells, making cars disappear and generally causing confusion. Follow these clues via Google Street View to find it!
Start from St. George’s Church next to Broad Lane. Find the green Recycle van and pass on the left side. Pass the Damian Marley poster and an old drinking fountain. Pass the kissing couple drawn by Pete McKee and bear left at the roundabout. Just after the sign for Worksop turn left up the hill. What is fake news? Not our friend! Pass white vans, construction workers and a huge Volvo. Go past Clegg and down the hill to a skip which, as you approach, will magically transform into a car. Turn right and pass the man in hi vis and follow the Wincobank Windows van all the way to the main road. It turns right, but you turn left. Turn left immediately after the traffic lights and enter a controlled zone. Follow the black car up the hill, past the bin men, and down the other side. Oh look, a building named after us! Veer right by this building , pass the pink blossom tree and cross the dual carriageway.
Pass the leaning tree and follow the road through another controlled zone. Turn left after the runners, pass Jennifer Lopez on your right (don’t see hermuch in town) and pass the bit where the road narrows. Pass the 20 signs and go straight across to the road with the 31b bus on your right. Keep going past the zebra crossing DON’T RUN INTO THAT OLD COUPLE! Phew, narrow escape. Continue up the hill, passing the Asian ladies on your right, and up to the 30 signs. Try to get past the black Audi. Goodness knows why there is 1/3 of a car there – probably an incomplete vanishing spell. Follow the railings to the top, then continue along the animal road. Quite nice round here, isn’t it? The animal road changes its name, but carry on the same route, past a corner shop and past the 31 bus. Keep on up the hill, with the greenery to your right, past the zebra crossing, past the pub with the animal themed name, past the school sign, past the people standing on the roof (as one does) , past a whole load of blue bins, then follow the 52a bus up the hill. At the flower themed pub, turn right and pass the Saxon Mae advert and follow the road. Nice blossom tree next to 109. Keep going. Nice view to your right. Keep going. Past the “patrol” sign where it says “SLOW”. Allotments to your right. Follow the road downhill, straight on as the main road hairpins to your right, down to a dead end amongst the trees. Fear not! You can pass through the trees to the main road beyond. (See the zebra crossing?) Pass the fire station and head for the next T junction.
Follow the arrow under “Time Architects” and follow the white Peugeot van. Can you see the shadow of the Google vehicle on the road? The white van seems to have stopped there. Great parking! Now follow the red VW – but it has disappeared! Pass Hair Craft and The Supper Spot and follow the road past the Westminster Insurance advert and the speed camera sign. Pass number 265 and a care home on your left. Continue to follow the straight road past the tall trees on your left and the mixed woodland. The road veers gently to the left. Keep going straight, past the old Post Office and the pub named after a clever forest, apparently. Don’t go down the “Private Road No Parking Access Only” but instead pass the skip, the old house with two round windows and the high ranking footballer’s pub. Pass the parked lorry, the garden centre and the 40 signs. Take the next left, by the “National Speed Limit” signs. Follow that car! You are now definitely in the countryside. Pass the cows and the priority sign, then cross the narrow bridge and houses and head straight on at the next turn, through the beautiful woodland – but not for too long, because the next gate on your right goes into “here be dragons” country. Explore the nearby images (there are a few taken very close to here) and find the dragon!