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Troop Leadership Forum Meeting – Thursday 9th April, 7pm, Zoom

posted 8 Apr 2020, 07:39 by Stephanie Gale

We are going to have a meeting for Leaders, Young Leaders, Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders at 7pm tomorrow (Thursday 9th April) evening on Zoom. I'll set up the meeting at about 5 to 7 then send an email invitation. If you don't have Zoom, it's really easy to install - I did it in a few seconds after being invited to a meeting by Steph and now I feel like an old hand! If you don't wish your image to appear, that's fine - you can join us as a disembodied voice.

Please note that The Scout Association has recommended that under 18s do not use Zoom unsupervised, so please can an adult be in the room at the same time - not necessarily joining in the conversation. Keep an eye on what is shown by the camera - we don't need to see anyone's frilly pants at this stage.

I expect the meeting will last about half an hour. There are two main topics:

(1) Easter Camp - which Cameron and Steve will be running the weekend after next

(2) Other ideas for Lockdown Scouting.

Not all of the following are on this facebook group, but they should all receive invites:

All the Leaders

The three Young Leaders (Izzy, Kian and Fraser)

The PLs (Hannah, Jed, Conrad, Eze, Felix H and Ben B)

The APLs (Ella, Thomas P, Felix T, Dodo, Harvey and Duncan)

I'll make a note of what we decide and post on here.