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Monday 6th April:

posted 6 Apr 2020, 09:19 by Stephanie Gale

Badges you've probably already earned but I don't know!
Have a look through at how many you do, then check out the specific requirements to see if you've completed the badge! Then let me know with evidence through OSM.

If you _______ you have probably done most of badge _______ already.

- have a pet- Animal Carer
- read often- Book Reader
- collect something- collector
- Have done Bikeability / cycling proficiency - Cyclist
- like performing- Entertainer
- have a hobby - Hobbies
- help around the house- Home help
- do a martial art- Martial Arts
- practise a faith or religion- My faith
- practise a sport- Physical Recreation or Sport Enthuiast
- use a computer a lot- Digital Citizen
- play a musical instrument - musician