Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my uniform from?

The easiest place is the Sheffield Scout and Guide Shop on Trippet Lane near the Cathedral. You will need a green Scout Section shirt, purple-and-green neckerchief (order one if it isn’t in stock) and a woggle or fastener. You may want to buy Activity Trousers and a belt too. You can make your own woggle if you like. We will give you your starter badges: don’t wear badges from an old shirt unless you know you are entitled to them (for example, you can wear the staged activity badges, moving on award and Chief Scout’s Silver Award if you earned them in Cubs).

How can I get there if my parents can’t take me?

Parents (not leaders) are responsible for transport, but many organise car sharing. Ask your folks to talk to other parents, especially Steph Gale or Ruth or Simon Tupper about someone who might be willing to share lifts.

What if I’m not fit enough to keep up with everyone?

Don’t worry, we aren’t all super fit beings anyway, and you will get fitter the more activities you join in with.

What if I don’t know anyone?

You soon will! We are fairly friendly, and have boys and girls of all interests and ages (well, 10-14 anyway) so there is bound to be someone you get on with. The Young Leaders will help here.

What if I don’t know how to do something?

There are several helpful people who will show you how to do things: 1) Other Scouts – particularly PLs and their assistants (APLs). 2) Young Leaders - they are specially trained to help if anyone is looking lost. 3) Adult Leaders – are willing to help, although can be busy at times so you may need to wait! 4) Occasional helpers: parents and other adults will come from time to time. Some may not know much more than you do about some skills, but they will know who to ask.

I need a special diet – will that be a problem on camp?

No – we have Scouts who require vegetarian, allergy or Islamic diets – so we can easily cater for special diets if we know your requirements in advance.

I’ve not slept away from hope before!

We have one or two Scouts occasionally who are “first time campers” and we take extra care to make sure you are with a friend or friendly person, usually in quite a small tent with only 2 or 3 people in. We can give advice on what sort of camping stuff to bring.

I’m dyslexic. Can I still join?

Of course! You’d be surprised how many of our present and ex- Scouts have some kind of learning difficulty. If you are faced with something you find difficult, such as a bus timetable, there will always be someone else there who can help out. We don’t expect long handwritten essays, either!

What happens if I don’t like it and want to leave?

We’d be sad to see you go, but occasionally we do have members who give Scouting a go but decide it’s not for them. Make sure you chat to a leader about it – maybe there is something we can change to make it more fun. But if not, then that’s fine – just let us know that you are leaving and it will be OK – no need to feel guilty. The main reason people don’t continue is they don’t really like outdoor activities and camping – which is all right but they are two things we aren’t about to stop doing!

I have to miss Scouts for a month because of sports practices – can you keep my place open for me?

Usually yes, but tell us in advance, There may still be weekend events you can come to if you can’t do Fridays for a while. Recently one of our Scouts moved away but still came once a month until she was 14 so she could see all her friends!

What if I get home on a Friday and I just feel too tired to come out Scouting. Is that a problem?

One way in which we are different from most other sections is that we don’t mind if you want a week off occasionally. Obviously if you are a vital part of a competition team or coming on a camp it won’t be a great choice, but if it’s a normal Scout meeting that’s fine. You don’t need to let us know or give a reason. If you are missing for a few weeks we may drop you an email to check everything is OK and if we don’t hear from you in two months we’ll assume you have left, so don’t leave it too long!

What if I want to change patrols?

As long as you, your old PL, your new PL and the Leaders all agree to the move, there’s no problem. We’d need to avoid massive differences in patrol numbers, which is why the Leaders need to agree too.

When’s the next camp?

Every year we usually do the following camps to which everyone is invited (and others, such as competitions and training weekends for invited Scouts): Freezer Camp (a weekend in February – not for the faint hearted!); Spring Camp (the weekend before the May Day Bank Holiday – a good introductory camp) and Summer Camp – six nights in the second half of August. There are other occasional camps such as the centenary camp in June 2015.

How much does everything cost?

Camps vary: a guide price for a weekend including food, accommodation and activities, but not transport, is £40 (in 2016) (second and third family members can often go for a reduced rate). Summer camp is variable depending on location and activities but in the range £100 to £200. Termly subscriptions are currently £40 (in 2016) and there is a £5 per family charge towards upkeep of the building and grounds, both of which we own. Cheques can be paid to 59th Sheffield Scout Group or cash given to Chris, at the start or end of a meeting, who will give you a receipt.

What about insurance?

Scout insurance covers all our activities. It does not, however, cover loss or damage to small gadgets such as phones, cameras or games, so guard them well!

What if I have more questions?

Please contact us!