59th Scouts wear the Scout shirt with necker for indoor meetings, and an optional 59th hoodie for outdoor meetings.


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Shirt and necker

The easiest place to get your uniform is the Sheffield Scout and Guide Shop on Trippet Lane, below the town end of West Street. You will need a green Scout Section shirt, purple-and-green neckerchief (order one if it isn’t in stock) and a woggle or fastener, or learn to tie your necker in a friendship knot. We will give you your starter badges: don’t wear badges from an old shirt unless you know you are entitled to them (for example, you can wear the staged activity badges, moving on award and Chief Scout’s Silver Award if you earned them in Cubs).

In Scouts you can work towards badges by following new or existing skills and interests, these badges aren't supposed to be kept in a cupboard, they are to go on your shirt and be worn with pride!

How to wear your badges:

How to tie a friendship knot if you don't want to wear a woggle:

How to tie a friendship knot