Feb 2020

Post date: Feb 10, 2020 11:37:36 AM

We had a mini Exec meeting last night (9th Feb). I say 'mini' because there were only 3 out of a possible 5 in attendance!

Census is complete for 31 Jan 2020 and we'll be paying approx £3k to the central coffers in capitation. We have plenty of money left over to carry out small upgrades to the building and buy new equipment for the sections. Although we'd like to make something of the plot of land immediately below HQ, it was decided to concentrate on some smaller projects before taking on anything this big.

So, for the time being we need to

• finish the garage storage project

• fit shelving to the under stairs games cupboard

• build seating with underneath storage along the back wall of the main hall

• clear out the old boiler for karate mat and equipment storage

which will enable us to

• clear the clutter in the leaders' room and attic

Also a priority:

• add splashbacks to the toilets and decorate

• build storage cupboard for cleaning products in accessible toilet, out of reach of younger members

• deep clean of roof space and attic

• varnish wood floor in main hall

• garden tidy day

Medium term:

• get quotes and secure funding for insulation to the main hall

• remove redundant ducting from main hall

Other ongoing small projects – signage to the front of the building: pdf has been emailed to AL Design so we should shortly have this in place. We're also hoping to get leadership team photo board up and running – just need to get photos of everyone! We're looking into getting a clothing bank on the forecourt, tucked away but accessible to anyone looking to declutter old clothing. Funds will come to the Scout Group.